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2nd Story Additions

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Basement Remodels

Create a new living space by expanding your existing basement, add bedrooms, theatre rooms, or additional storage.

Kitchen Remodels

Modernize your aging kitchen with Build America's highly trained remodelers and increase the value of your home.

Bathroom Remodels

Exand your bathroom with a new soaker tub, modern shower and all new look with tile and layout to maximize space.

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Would you like to have More ROOM in your existing home so you can more SPACE, more FREEDOM or simply to accommodate MORE Family members?
Are you unaware that there are only a FEW, highly trained Home Building Companies that SPECIALIZE in 2nd Story and Addition projects in Massachusetts
Do you want to ASSURE the CORRECT Specialty materials are used for your 2nd Story or Addition project so that it’s GUARANTEED FOREVER?
Are you Wondering how many Corners may be "Cut" if you work with a “Regular” Contractor who isn’t trained in the Specialized Engineering required in a 2nd Story or Addition project?

FACT:  "If You’re Like MOST Home Owners, You May Be Heading Down The WRONG Path With Your 2nd Story or Addition Project..."

You may not know this but adding a 2nd story or Addition to you home requires a completely different set of Building skills than what most “Contractors” know.  It also requires completely different competencies that surpass not only typical construction standards but respects architecture and lifestyle considerations.

Sometimes homeowners get seduced by the “Lowest Bid” Syndrome.  That’s when the price sounds too good to be true but they go with that contractor anyhow and that’s when the nightmares start…

Most Home Owners don’t know these things and their 2nd Story and Addition projects may not LAST, be OVER BUDGET, suffer POOR QUALITY and when you need help from the Contractor who did the job in the first place, they’re NOWHERE to be found.

*But the secret to making your 2nd Story or Addition Investment stay BEAUTIFUL and LAST FOREVER is to use the RIGHT MATERIALS combined with the RIGHT EXPERTISE.

For example, you wouldn’t take your BMW to the Ford dealer to get it fixed, would you?  You wouldn’t let a “soon-to-be-graduating from College” Dentist drill your teeth either.  And you wouldn’t go to McDonald’s for a high-end steak!

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

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Utilize a service that SPECIALIZES in 2nd Story and Addition projects while you RELAX and enjoy the fact that your home is in the right “Highly Trained” hands…